Marema – Finest grooves from Senegal

24. Februar 2017

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Marema’s hymn and tribute to the courage of women and their place in society.Since the very beginning of her career MAREMA chose to use her art to wear and promote more messages for the status of women and the protection of the environment.
Marema soon became in her Country a committed artist. In 2015 she was appointed Ambassador Environment for the 1st edition of the « Green Trophies » in Senegal and regularly supports the United Nations Organization Women Office, “ UN WOMEN “ in its various actions.

With a cultural mix of her Senegalese and Mauritanian origins MAREMA enters the musical landscape with “ Femme D’Affaire’‘ (Business Woman in French) title of her first single.
Very quickly the song toured the spreads in Senegal and in several parts of West Africa allowing her to win the « Prix RFI DÉCOUVERTES 2014 ».
MAREMA also won in the meantime the Jury Prize at SIMA (International Exhibition of African Music), the Jury Star Africa Sound Award, a nomination Afrima, the festival of Francophone Price
« Musiques Métisses » … Cradled in her childhood by the musical tastes of her mother, she discovered a passion for music that led her to build a strong ambition by joining the CULTURAL CENTER DOUTA SECK a music school where she developed her vocal abilities. For many years MAREMA acquired a beautiful stage experience as a singer for several artists. It is also where MAREMA was discovered by the arranger and guitarist MAO Otayeck former ALPHA BLONDY’s orchestra conductor who worked with STEVIE WONDER, SALIF KEITA and TONY ALLEN…) and who also arranged and co-produced “ Femme D’Affaire’’. With the « Prix RFI DÉCOUVERTES 2014 ». and its partners (FRENCH INSTITUTE – OIF-SACEM) MAREMA succeeded to conquer the stage of the
rest of the continent through an extensive tour that took her in 15 countries of Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean in 18 cities. 2015 was her first summer on European stages Pan Piper (Paris) – Mixed Music Festival in Angoulême Africa Wusburg where she got noticed by several new public and professionals. Her first album « INITIE » IS now available allowing her to present the breadth of her fantastic repertoire.

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